Resin’s Drops Eau De Parfum 10ML


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Drops of resin are nothing but the tears of the trees, drops that do not glide like water, they do not abandon the tree, they remain bonded to the trunk, to keep him company, to help him resist and keep growing. A melancholic fragrance that reminds us of the best moments of life, of memories, akin to the drops of resin that do not vanish.

A long olfactory journey that begins with the impetuosity of spicy aromas, continues with the sweet notes of berries and the warm tones of amber to finish with the strong and zesty character of wood reminiscent of a burning fireplace scented with resin.
Top notes fruity, spicy: Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rosewood, Clove.

Middle notes woody, oriental: Plum, Opopanax chironium, Incense.

Base notes musky, woody, amber: Patchouli, White Musk

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