Rosewood Eau De Parfum 10ML


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The Rose, symbolic flower of love, beauty and femininity, has a delicate and pervasive aroma. Admired by the Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Mongols. Rose has a long history of seduction. The Persians were the first to extract pure rose oil from some of the Damask rose varieties.

Rosewood is a fresh and sweet fragrance, immediately recognized by its floral top note tagged on by the sweetness of honey and caramel that combined with the essence of the Turkish Rose forms the middle note and defines the personality of the perfume. To finish off the base note, the sweet and woody note of Madagascar vanilla and tobacco flowers.
Top notes floral, aromatic: Rose, Star Anise, Chamomile.

Middle notes flowery, spicy: Rose, Clove, Honey, Caramel, Violet, Ylang ylang, Lily of the valley, Geranium.

Base note woody: Amber, Tobacco flowers, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli.

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